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Ever daydreamed about stumbling upon a hidden treasure trove of cash? Or been through the rollercoaster of a home foreclosure, only to find out there's a pot of gold waiting for you? Enter Surplus Fortune Finder - the squad that lives for helping you snag that sweet unclaimed moolah, at zero cost to you. Because really, who wants the government hogging all the fun funds? Prepare for some unexpected cash windfalls - it's like winning the lottery, but without the ticket! 🎉

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REcovering unclaimed funds for you

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Surplus Fortune Finder...

Our company conducts thorough audits of various government agencies, engaging in extensive research to uncover funds owed to private individuals and companies. When these funds remain unclaimed for an extended period, they risk being forfeited to the holding government agency, resulting in an increase in their revenue.

Our process involves comprehensive searches across government, land, and court records to track down unknown or lost funds. Upon discovery, we meticulously identify the rightful owners or heirs of the estates and facilitate the connection.

Upon your agreement to engage our services, we will coordinate a time for you to sign the necessary paperwork with a notary, which will be promptly returned to our office via overnight delivery.

Typically, claims are processed within 2-4 months, contingent upon the case's complexity and your entitled share of the claim. Once the funds are successfully recovered, your portion of the claim, usually ranging from 60-70% of the collected amount, will be disbursed to you within 30 days of receipt.

A notable aspect of our service is that you will not incur any out-of-pocket expenses. We operate on a contingency basis, meaning we are remunerated solely upon the successful retrieval of your claim. All expenses linked to the claim are covered by us until it is settled, and in the event of an unsuccessful claim, there is no obligation for you to pay us.


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